You Won’t Believe What Government Says In This Movie

Hundreds and Thousands of movies are released each year, which gives all movie loves a chance to stay entertained the entire year. But for OTT platforms, such as AHA, it has become much easier for everyone to check out all the newly released movies. These online watch movies are available 24×7, and you can watch them anytime and anywhere. But currently, there is a movie, which has become pretty well-known within the online community. This movie is none other than Johar. It comes with multiple narratives, and the film director makes a political statement.


 The movie Johar is an anthology drama created under Teja Marni’s direction and produced by Ram Vamsi Krishna. The characters portrayed in the film were done by Naina Ganguly, Esther Anil, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Chaitanya Krishna, Ankith Koyya, and Eswari Rao. Anwar Ali and Thatholu edited the movie. The drama falls under Dharma Surya Pictures’ production company and comes with a run time of 122 minutes. The movie is distributed through the OTT platform, AHA.

 The story

 The movie contains five different stories of five different people, a CM, an athlete, a widow, a young girl, and a hostel owner. It shows how four people’s lives turn upside down when the current chief minister stops all the funds to build a 500-feet statue of this late father. The individual stories within the movie have linked well with the main plot. The film director showed the ramification of a political move on sports, agriculture, small businesses, and education.

 Real-life events inspire these four stories. Currently, standing as one of the best Telugu movies online, the movie interprets in Srikakulam, Varanasi, Rayalaseema, and Vizag. The main characters are shown getting reeled up under the ripple effect of politics. Some of the stories within the movies deliver a strong sense of empathy, but others fall short.

 Things to know about the movie

 Each of the actors and actresses has characterized their respective roles well and brought life into the stories. The body language, performance, and dialogues delivered by the cast were to the point. Music composer Priyadarshan, Cinematographer Jagadeesh Cheekati, and Art Director Gandhi gave all the stories present in distinct film textures. The movie draws parallels on real-life political dramas and presents hard-hitting stories. The movie’s production values are also world-class as it’s supported with some fantastic camera work. The framework selected by the director was on point as well.

 Some drawbacks

 Even though the starting was pretty good, but as we proceeded further, things became slower. The emotions perfectly timed and were to the point, but when the velocity lessened a bit, the movie’s scene became pretty anticipated for the audience. The movie is viewed as a direct charge towards the government and the politicians. It showed how they ignore the needs and wants of the common public. This particular part might not sit well with some of the audience. Even though the filmmaker built the story perfectly, but didn’t have the time to bring all the principal twists’ influences within the movie.


Johar is a movie that is pretty emotional but delivers an excellent message right at the end. If you are interested in watching it, make sure to register yourself on the OTT platform of AHA.