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Some youngsters nowadays have the dream to become a good political leader in serving the country. Few political movies in Telugu are helping these youngsters at an early stage to get inspired and become a good leader. In recent days, the film directors are making political story based movies. From all these movies, all we can know is how politicians are there in the country and giving the best message to all youngsters and Telugu political movie lovers.

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  1. Genre: Political movie
  2. Language: Telugu
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Watch Politician Action ‘NGK’ movie online at Aha Streaming

The Action thriller NGK movie was directed by Selvararaghavan. The movie moves around the life of NGK.

The actor Surya namedNadhaGopalanKumaran plays a lead role. In the movie, he is a well-educated high profile candidate by seeing his career, and all the youngsters in his village get inspired by him. NGK wants to solve some problems of his village students, then he meets MLA and says all the issues to resolve for them. After coming out, he meets his old friend, and he says his friend solves the problem by just making a call to a counselor. NGK gets shocked by how easily the problem is solved. To know more about the movie, what happens next, then subscribe to watch NGK movie online at Aha Streaming.

Top reasons to watch Political NGK movie online

The movie gives a message of how politicians are behaving nowadays in our country. You can identify how people are struggling to get solutions to their problems.

Top 5 reasons to watch Political Action Thriller ‘NGK’ movie online at Aha OTT

  1. The movie revolves around NGK and his life, where he suffers to solve small problems. The way youngsters support him looks very enthusiastic.
  2. The movie shows how the people are there in villages with unknowing and working under politicians to get their problems solved.
  3. The character of the politician can be observed where the politician never cares for the sake of people after elections. And they treat people as slaves to do their work.
  4. In this movie, NGK shows how leaders should be treated and what should be done by the people to get their problems solved.
  5. The unique character of NGK could be observed. However, he is well-educated; he does all social works as well as being interested in organic farming in his village.


Director– Selvaraghavan

Producer– S.R. Prakash Babu, S.R. Prabu.

Music director– Yuvan Shanker Raja

Actor– Suriya

Actress– Sai Pallavi, RakulPreet Singh

Other characters– Raj Kumar, Bala Singh, Devaraj

Release date– 31st May 2019

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