Make a Glory Hole

I have to admit, I’ve become a touch hooked into glory holes. I like that it’s anonymous and that I can focus purely on the cock and the other way around. Finding someone that’s into swapping remains a challenge, but occasionally I find some interest. This particular cock wasn’t looking to urge sucked, but I offered, and he replied yes. With one stipulation is that as long as I swallowed. I had no problem thereupon. The most straightforward a part of it’s getting my mouth crammed with a hot load. The guy said he likes to keep getting sucked after cumming and not to stop until he pulls away. I replied no problem and that we found out a gathering.

Luckily he lives nearby and works reception, so I used to be ready to catch him during the day. He left the door to unlock and that I proceeded to go to the rear room as instructed. The space was quite dark and that I could barely see the opening. Soon he put his soft cock through and that I quickly put it in my mouth. After sucking thereon for touch, he began to grow. It had been about 5″ and medium girth. Something I could easily handle. It had a simple shape, and it had been excellent and smooth. I slid the cock back and forth slowly sucking on the top whenever I need to the tip. He moaned lightly as I still slobber thereon.

It didn’t take long before he said he was getting to cum. I continued to slip my mouth slowly with strong suction in anticipation. I felt the shaft start to spasm, and hot cum started spewing into my mouth. I kept sucking as he instructed, and he moaned loudly but never excused. I swallowed a pleasant mouthful together with his cock still in my mouth. I continued to suck as he whispered, “oh that’s good, keep sucking it”. After a couple of minutes, I felt his balls swell, and he started cumming again. His orgasm was less violent this point, but he filled my mouth nicely and that I swallowed another tasty load.

He didn’t pull back, so I kept going. He stayed rock hard and kept moaning as I swirled and sucked, giving him the simplest my mouth could offer. I used to be getting a touch tired, but I used to be so turned on I pushed through. My precum was pooling inside my boxer briefs and that I could feel it seeping through the front of my pants as I rubbed it lightly. Shortly he started breathing heavily and that I could feel another load coming. I decided to stroke fast this point and let him fuck my mouth a touch. He let loose a grunt, and his body shook this point as he released. I assumed I had milked him completely, and no semen was beginning, but after a couple of spasms, an outsized rope shot to the rear of my throat. Not much came out then, but he was finally getting sensitive and slowly pulling back from my mouth. He eventually slid out entirely and that I finally caught my breath. He signalled for my turn and that I took off my pants and slid my throbbing cock through. He moaned as I slid it into his mouth sort of a real slut. He made loud, slurping noises trying to devour my cock. It had been a touch messy and uncoordinated, but I used to be just happy to urge some relief.

He didn’t give an excessive amount of suction, so I used to be lasting a short time. He had nice soft wet lips that I enjoyed thrusting back and forth into sort of a nice wet pussy. He appeared to enjoy it too as eventually he took me right down to the balls and held it there letting me do the thrusting. I gripped onto the door, moulding with both arms and began thrusting harder and faster. It felt so good I got lost within the moment and exploded into his throat without warning. He gagged as I continued pumping into his throat. I had an enormous load stored-up and that I could feel the ropes shooting with every thrust. Eventually, my cock became too sensitive and that I slide out of his mouth. He started coughing and that I could hear him lightly moaning as he tasted the rest of my juices. I quickly placed on my pants and headed out the door. It wasn’t the simplest blowjob I’ve gotten but felt sort of a specialized fuck. I am satisfied and walking to my car. I even almost forgotten that I spent 20 minutes milking three loads into my mouth before that. Until subsequent one.